We Made FIRE!

Ok, not really a huge achievement. BUT, it was after a night of rain, and we used NO MATCHES,  just a flint and stone, and even tried lighting it with FIRE RETARDANT ROPE… which doesn’t work. At all. But funny as buggery. What works REALLY WELL is pencil shavings using a pencil sharpener, handy and easy to carry.

Who Wants to Blow Something Up?

The Shooting Video has arrived! Well we kept on being asked about the side adventure we had recently with Matt the U.S. Marine and his gun collection not to mention the fun we had blowing stuff up with our new found friend…..So for everyone who likes to watch things getting shot at or blown up plus a bit of float plane action and fly fishing this is for you.

Check Out The Mt Rainier Video

Our new video has arrived Hope you enjoy what we managed to get on film…..you’ll experience some of the nerves, exhaustion and emotion of the climb not to mention a view from the top……I blame the emotion and the death threat purely on the altitude….. Watch to find out more….Enjoy!