So, you’re looking for some adventure in your life?
Something, that you can tell your mates about and to challenge your inner self. Zero Vanilla is a story of two mates with hectic lives but still wanted to seek out adventure.

We started our quest for adventure a few years back and since then we have scaled the tallest mountains……trekked to Mt. Everest…..jumped out of planes…..caught the biggest fish…..drove the fastest cars…….And we met strangers who became awesome friends.

We consider all this Zero Vanilla Adventures and we will “Never Stop Exploring”. To bring adventure into your life all you have to do is say “YES”. We all work long days and have busy lives, but how do we use our nights and weekends?

Our big adventures take time and take us away from our families and work
So what do we do between our large expeditions to keep adventure in our lives? We go on “Micro Adventures”!

What if you just grab your pack and drive out of town, find a beautiful hill to climb, beach to walk down, river to cross or boat to sail, then slept out under the stars and awoke to a stunning sunrise before jumping in your car to head to work for the day, how cool would the stories be at work that morning.

Now that’s what we call a Micro Adventure!

I bet you’re planning your adventure right now. The possibilities are endless and you only have to say “Yes”. Zero Vanilla can help you with that. Join “US” on our next Micro Adventure.

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Its fun, close to home and you’ll be with like minded friends.

So don’t stop now, join Zero Vanilla Adventures.

Cheers from Dave & Mike
Co Founders of ZV

Go Forth And Conquer!

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