Type Two Fun

Four days and 115km trek from the Central volcanic highlands of Iceland to the Wild West Coast via the Landmannalaugar Track and Fimmvorouhals Pass. We condensed a normally 6 day hike into 4 days. This meant long days, but the trails were all ours as we were up and gone before anyone else.

The reference to “Type Two Fun” in ZV language means the kinda of adventure that has it challenges and at times even sucks because of the pain you endure or the misery you face with extreme weather conditions, you might at times question your decision to take on the adventure at hand but you know you’ll look back and love every moment of it.

This particular trek allowed us to see every possible weather condition Iceland had to offer, we endured sleet and driving winds one minute freezing our butts off and half and hour later you would be taking off all your layers and walking in a t-shirt…go figure! When the wind was up and the rain was horizontal we needed to keep within 10m of each other so we didn’t lose the trail in the fog and rain.

The track and scenery also constantly changed allowing us to experience all that Iceland has to offer in the way of Nat Geo style vistas and picture postcard images.

The track conditions were ever changing, one moment walking on sponge like moss the next on soft volcanic ash, from walking accros glaciers to snow, shale and riverbeds….the terrain was an ever changing surprise giving your feet, ankles and legs a true workout.

This has to truely be one of the most rewarding treks any traveler or adventurer would love to do, an awesome example of the extreme outdoors and wild beauty that this adventure island offers.

A massive shout out to Bjartur AKA – BJ for being not only a fantastic guide but a great companion on the trail, he’s totally ZV and we would be more than happy to have him on any future adventure.

Total Zero Vanilla and pure Type Two Fun.

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