South Straddie Micro Adventure

How hard could it be to circumnavigate one of the world’s largest sand islands? Hmm, so we may have underestimated the mighty sand island called Stradbroke.

Our kayaks were packed pre-dawn and we were on the water at sunrise. The water was like glass and we meandered (also known as “taking the long way”) through shallow mangrove tributaries linking the Coomera and Pimpama rivers until we made our way across the mighty Broadwater. We landed at Couran Cove then started our trek north up the inside passage of the island.


We estimated that the total distance should be around the 45km to completely circumnavigate the island however we soon discovered how wrong estimates can be.
As we made our way north, past Tipplers, Dux,  The Bedrooms and Million Dollar Mile, we trekked through mangroves, bush, scrub, mud, sand dunes, and then back through the same mangroves we just went through after discovering there was no actual way through. We continued making our own trail north eventually coming out at Jumpingpin Bar at the tip of the island at just after midday and 16kms later. The local wallabies kept us company for many random drop ins.
We now had a 22km hike down the open beach to the Seaway at the southernmost point of Stradbroke, the weather was absolutely fabulous taking the sting out of the pain we were all experiencing.straddie4
It’s a world class stretch of beach but when you’re walking it never seems to end, the Surfers Paradise skyscrapers in the distance never seeming to get closer. After what seemed to be an eternity we reached the seaway right on dusk where we set up our wild beach camp, nestled in the shelter of the dunes, for the night. So much for our estimated distance of 45kms in total as the first day’s total kms was 39kms alone.
Camp fire talk is always a highlight to any MicroAdventure and between Magic Mike’s massage sessions and the cooking of our (awesome!) camp meals, we had some really cool and at times revealing stories fueled by some ‘interesting’ cocktail combinations. The five million star accommodation was better than any 5 star resort!
We woke to a sensational sunrise over the beautiful Coral Sea and hot mugs of tea on the campfire before heading off to tag the lighthouse at the end of the seaway then heading north to complete the round trip.
We hit our final destination around mid-morning with all of us staggering into the finish line with aches, pains and sand in every nook and uncomfortable cranny.
Couran Cove re-opened the kitchen for us weary travelers and put on a 5 star brekkie (a well need breakfast buffet!) before jumping in our sea bearing kayaks for the last push home. We landed back on the mainland shortly after noon (no “meandering” or taking the long way home this time!) ending what was a huge effort from the team.
When all was said and done the total distance on foot traveled was 59km plus 7km of kayaking and smiles from all as we had afull 8 from 8 success rate from the team.
For some on the team it was there their first crack at a MicroAdventure and to walk nearly60km in 24 hours especially on hard and (really) soft sand, a huge congratulations is in order to the team and a massive thank you for making this ZV MicroAdventure an absolute standout! Looking forward to planning the next one!
Cheers Mike & Dave.
If you’re interested in joining us on our next MicroAdventure feel free to let us know….remember it’s as easy as just saying YES!

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