Operation: Mt Ben Nevis

Hello from ZV Mike….

Here’s an update on what’s been happening with our newest micro adventure…”Operation: Ben Nevis”  by summiting the U.K.s highest peak!


Let me explain how climbing Ben Nevis came about…..My family and I decided to join our eldest son when he finished his own adventure travelling around Europe, at 18 he was pretty excited about his trip and time away from the parents however we thought we would gate crash that little party by surprising him in London then heading back to my roots and where where most of our family still live…up in Scotland.

Nothing beats a road trip in Scotland with its small quite roads, quaint historic towns and castles and then there’s the stunning Highlands (There can be only ONE!) ……I wanted to do a little more than just sightsee while in Scotland this time and with inspiration from our Zero Vanilla friend Alastair Humphrey’s www.alastairhumphreys.com who does a lot of adventures in the Scottish Highlands we thought what a great opportunity to bag the summit of the UK’s highest peak.

This is not quite the same league as our Everest Base Camp, Ama Dablam, Mt Barney or Mt Rainier adventures and should knock this over in less than a day making this a trueMicro Adventure…..that’s what we love about Micro Adventures … they can be done in short bursts…don’t consume all your family time…and at the end of it you have amazing experiences regardless of how little time it takes.

I’ll be doing my climb with local professional guides……Andy & Gordo from “Up & Doon Guided Walks” (said with your best Scottish accent) www.up-and-doon-guidedwalks.co.uk

If you have never heard of this awesome mountain check out some cool drone footage here…

See you on the other side for our next Micro Adventure – Zero Vanilla style!

Remember if you want to keep track of the climb and see the photos and videos just join our Blog or Facebook

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