So Far So Good!

Our first full day on the hill.

So yesterday was a huge thrill for both of us, we arrived at Rainier base camp to pick up our gear and from across the car park comes a familiar voice….”Hey you guys must be the Aussies!”…and there he was the man himself Ed Viesturs, so cool that he knew right away who we were which made our first meeting just so easy and comfortable, then came Peter Whittaker bounding over with a huge smile and greeting.

Both Ed & Pete have been exactly what we were hoping for and exceeded all expectations so far, both very personable and always with a story to tell and happy to answer any question we throw at them.

We hit the Mountain with them this morning to start our mountaineering training, they took us through everything we need to know spending a full day on the snow and ice practicing our ice axe rescue drills, how to use our crampons and training on pressure breathing and rest step climbing….a huge amount to take in but we feel we’re on top of it and ready for the start of the climb in the morning.

We hardly slept a wink last night and probably even less tonight, we defiantly have a huge challenge ahead and the guys certainly have not sugar-coated anything for us which to be honest is pretty terrifying……we’re nervous but ready!

We won’t be able to send any updates until our return so we look forward to sending you all good news in a few days…..

Cheers from Mike & Dave

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