Are You Ready?

Less than a week to go! Well everyone we leave this Wednesday for Seattle. Everyday for the past month without fail we get asked the question…..”Are you ready?”……Well i’m sure I can speak for both Dave and myself when I say….. YES! we are ready.
Have we run enough Ks?…..lifted enough weights?…..trekked up enough ridgelines?
Yes I reckon we have, both of us have discussed this and we feel that we really could not have done more than we have, if we get turned around on this mountain and don’t summit because of our fitness then it will be due to the fact that we have under estimated what is required for this challenge but at least we can say we gave it every chance and prepared the best we could.

We cannot control the conditions of the Mountain or the weather, both of which will have a huge impact on our success, if one of these factors turn us around and prevent us from reaching the summit then I can live with that, a safe return is the goal…..As Ed always says “Getting to the top is optional, getting down is mandatory”.

The video today is Ed’s thoughts on some of the dangers of the climb and his thoughts on safety on Rainier.

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