So How Do You Climb Mt Rainier?

Mt Rainier vs Sylvester Stallone So we wanted to give you a better idea of what it is we are taking on and the style of climbing we’re actually doing. When we say to people we’re climbing Mt Rainier most people picture Sylvester Stallone hanging from a rock face in the movie Cliffhanger. That’s not quite what we’re doing, we hope! When you climb a glacial peak like Rainier it’s more about leg & core strength, cardio and stamina rather than the brute strength required for rock climbing like in Cliffhanger.
We still need the use of ropes but we will be wearing cramp-ons which are spikes that attach to our rigid climbing boots for grip and steep ice climbing plus we will be using ice axes and will be tethered together by rope just in case we fall and try to slide down the mountain face or into a crevasse.

Here are a few photos I grabbed off the net. These have all been taken on Rainier and gives you a pretty good idea of the grade and conditions plus the equipment we would be wearing …..Cheers Mike

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