The Everest Rockstars Are Back!

Hey Everyone so we’re back…..sort of! So we are being asked all the time “where have you guys been and why don’t you update the blog”. The reason? No reason really, we have all just been off doing our own things, traveling, trekking, training you know how it goes.

It’s been a good year for us all and we have had some awesome adventures between us all from holidays in Europe and the States, trekking in Vietnam, adventure races, skydiving…..the list is pretty long and getting longer all the time.

So…..What’s next you say? Well that’s why i’m back on the blog……It all started like this……. Dave turned the big 40 this year and simply decided that he wanted to tick off his list one of the big items so before I knew it we had booked and paid for the next big adventure…… We’re Climbing A Full On, Larger than Life, Glacier Covered Beast of a Mountain! The Mountain in question is called Mt Rainier and it’s located in the Cascade Ranges near Seattle Washington…’s the highest glacial peak in the Contiguous United States @ 14.411 feet…..The prominence of this mountain is one of its best features as it stands as the highest in the USA @ 13.211 feet and has a greater prominence than even K2 @ 13.189 feet the world’s 2nd highest mountain. This is a serious climb which will include the use of ropes, ice axes, cramp-ons and some super experienced guides.

That’s why i’m awesomely happy to say that we are being guided on this climb by two of the greatest climbers of all times and our personal heros….Ed Veisters and Peter Whittaker. These guys have done it all from climbing the world’s highest peaks including Mt Everest multiple times without the use of bottled oxygen. Over the next few weeks i’ll introduce you all to Ed & Pete and let you know more about them but for now take a look at this video which will give you a better idea of what it is we are currently training for……the climb is only weeks away and we leave for Seattle on the 18th June so keep your eye’s out for updates on our training and more about the climb….. Nice to be back on the blog…….Cheers Dog

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