A Change In Direction

Hi From Mike & Dave… Well the Everest trip is well and truly over and the Rockstars are back into the grind of our everyday lives But with the exception that we are not the same everyday people we once were, we are still motivated and ready to take on any challenge that is thrown our way. We have been working on new challenges and when the time is right we’ll happily share them with you, currently we’re working on our adventure races but i’ll go into that later, for now I want to share with you a video that I came across, both myself & Dave love to people watch and on our trip it was one of our favourite pastimes, what we love about this video is that it’s beautifully filmed and edited and the reactions from the people involved are fantastic. I’ll let you just watch it and not tell you much about it but watch the reactions of the people change the more they really think about the question asked of them, I love the way they really start to think about it after their initial reaction…

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