The Everest Rockstars… after Everest!

Hi Everyone! As you all know we have all been back a few days now and have tried to post new photos for you all to look at, we have many videos to go through and may take a week or so before some of these make it to the blog however we took this one while in Singapore on our return journey.

We wanted to thank everyone for their awesome comments and well wishes and even though we tried to thank everyone in the video I’m sure we haven’t shown how grateful we all are for the wonderful support we all received.

Just so you all know we constantly talked about the messages we were receiving and the many hours on the track were made that much easier knowing we had massive support back home. Whether you commented once or  were  serial bloggers like Dave’s good friend Jan or Giz’s Mum & Dad who between them sent dozens of very positive messages we would like to take the time to thank you all and hope to catch up with you soon so we can thank you personally.

The blog is far from over and for those of you still interested keep checking in because over the next couple of weeks we promise to post as much as we can and hopefully fuel your own desires to travel or start your very own adventure.

Cheers and all the best from the “Rockstars”

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