Here’s the second part of the “Twofer” we did….Twofer means we climbed two mountains on the same day, something that’s not done often and as we found out is nearly unheard of in Iceland…this is the attempt on the 4744 foot Mt Snæfellsjökull on the Snæfells Peninsula, Iceland….famous for also being the starting point from the famous book from Jules Verne “Journey to the centre of the earth”


Landmannlaugar Trek Part 2

So here’s part two to our 115km long trek which included our recent climb of Hrutfjallstindar. We loved this part of the track with it’s ever changing contrasts between the fire and ice covered landscape. Let the pictures and video tell the story and our words can never be enough.

Cheers Team ZV


The Perfect Climb

What an absolutely sensational day Team ZV just had, today was undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable days of climbing we have “ever” experienced anywhere in the world, we climbed two completely different mountains in one day.
First off we climbed the challenging 1600ft Kirkjufell the most picturesque mountain on the Snæfellsnes peninsula then we bagged the glaciated summit of Snæfellsjökull at 5000ft, the weather was perfect and the summits of both peaks were flawless……

Classic Iceland at its best.

Zero to 115km

We begin the long trek via the Landmannlaugar track then the addition of the Fimmvorouhals pass which with our climb takes the time on the track to 115km. This incredible trek will take us across some of the most interesting and bizarre terrain Iceland has to offer.
The insane and ever changing weather conditions make this by far the most unpredictable trek we have ever attempted.

Type Two Fun

Four days and 115km trek from the Central volcanic highlands of Iceland to the Wild West Coast via the Landmannalaugar Track and Fimmvorouhals Pass. We condensed a normally 6 day hike into 4 days. This meant long days, but the trails were all ours as we were up and gone before anyone else. The reference …

Bagged The Summit

For our first big challenge in Iceland we took on the famous “Rams Peak”, in Icelandic it’s impossible to spell or pronounce so let’s just stick to “Rams”. It was a huge 25km return climb over two days with our base camp set up just below the snow line above a glacial waterfall. The climb …


Team Zero Vanilla are preparing to jump on the plane that takes us to the adventure wonderland of Iceland. If you haven’t been on our blog for a while, Welcome Back! If you’ve been following us over the past few years you would have seen us trek to Everest Base Camp, Climb Mt Rainer USA, …